Kamara von Tacitus und Lasische Menexila von Evliya Çelebi


  • Manana Pkhakadze
  • Raul Chagunava


The "vault" of the boat of vessels of the particular structure cut from one timber mentioned by a Roman historian Tacitus (Hist.V.4.11) is associated with the Lazian Vessel Menexilla. The existence of vault-like vessels is confirmed in the same region of the Black Sea after the 15 centuries as well and now they are known under the name of Lazian Vessel Menexilla, which would also be used by Megrelians (The Book of Travels of the Turkish traveller, geographer and historian Evliya Çelebi (1611-1682). The technology of cutting from one tree was mainly used by Kartvelian tribes of the sea coast. This is confirmed by the ancient Greek author Xenophon (430-355 BC) (V.4.11). The report accentuates the technology of making the vault and the Lazian Vessel Menexilla. It is shown that for the purpose of increase of the capacity of Menexilla in comparison to the vault, the Lazian masters had to use technology by which twisted furniture is made today. After processing the newly carved frame with hot water, the wood used to become rather resilient which ensured a noticeable increase in dimensions.