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No 9 (2006) Euthymius the Athonite and Commentaries on Gregory of Nazianzus’ Writings Abstract   PDF
Tamar Otkhmezuri
No 15-16 (2013) Exotic Animals as a Manifestation of Royal "luxuria". Rulers and Their Menageris: From the Pompe of Ptolemy II Philadelphus to Aurelian Abstract   PDF
Maja Miziur
No 9 (2006) Folk Fancy or Reminiscences Shaped as a Legend? Abstract   PDF
Medea Abulashvili
No 8 (2005) For Alternative Classification of Declension System in Modern Greek Abstract   PDF
Svetlana Berikashvili
No 13-14 (2011) For Ancient and Modern Meaning of Liberal Education Abstract   PDF
Maia Shukhoshvili
No 5-6 (2003) For Cognition of God in "Asceticism" by N. Kazandzakis Abstract   PDF
Zurab Vacheishvili
No 1 (1999) For Compositional Organization of Plato's "Phaedo" Abstract   PDF
Irine Darchia
No 7 (2004) For Modern Appreciation of Plato’s and Democritus’ Viewpoints on Colour Derivation Abstract   PDF
Irine Darchia
No 13-14 (2011) For Symbolic Interpretation of Some Passages of Plato’s "Phaedo" Abstract   PDF
Irine Darchia
No 8 (2005) For the Conceptual Function of the Goddess of Madness in Heracles by Euripides Abstract   PDF
Nino Dianosashvili
No 15-16 (2013) For the Establishment of Correct Variant Reading of One Passage of Shota Rustaveli’s "The Knight in Panther’s Skin": Theory of Deification Abstract   PDF
Levan Gigineishvili
No 12 (2009) For the Establishment of the Date of Death of John (Tornike) Syngelos Abstract   PDF
Manana Pkhakadze, Raul Chagunava
No 7 (2004) For the Functions of Two Terms ἂγγελος and κῆρυξ Denoting a Messenger in Homeric Epics Abstract   PDF
Tea Dularidze
No 15-16 (2013) For the History of Monastery on Athos Abstract   PDF
Manana Pkhakadze
No 9 (2006) For the Individualization of Trojan Characters in the "Iliad" Abstract   PDF
Ketevan Nizharadze
No 10.1 (2007) For the Interpretation of Some Details from the Argonaut Legend according to the "Argonautica" by Apollonius Rhodius Abstract   PDF
Iamze Gagua
No 11 (2008) For the Interrelation of Plato’s "Phaedo" and Ancient Greek Tragedy Abstract   PDF
Irine Darchia
No 11 (2008) For the Specific Use of Ancient Quotations and Paraphrases in Seferis’ Poems Abstract   PDF
Sophie Shamanidi
No 15-16 (2013) Formation of the Greek Writing Systems in Ancient Greece in the Context of European Identity Abstract   PDF
Lela Chotalishvili
No 10.2 (2007) Forms of Reflection of the Argonaut Theme in the Byzantine Romance Novel Abstract   PDF
Maia Kakashvili
No 15-16 (2013) Fragen der Staatsbildung anhand der "Antigone" von Sophokles Abstract   PDF
Giorgi Ugulava
No 12 (2009) Frankish Limitanei in Lazica Abstract   PDF
Tedo Dundua, Leri Tavadze
No 11 (2008) Fünf unhomerische Komposita bei Apollonios Rhodios Abstract   PDF
Maia Danelia
No 11 (2008) Galaktion Tabidze about Archaic Greek Lyric Poetry Abstract   PDF
Ketevan Gardapkhadze
No 9 (2006) Georgische Versionen der Polyphemgeschichte Abstract   PDF
Ketevan Gurtschiani
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