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No 10.2 (2007) The Argonautica and Ancient Mythology in Medieval Georgia Abstract   PDF
Tamar Tarkhnishvili
No 10.1 (2007) The Argonautica and Linear B Texts Abstract   PDF
Levan Gordeziani
No 10.2 (2007) The Argonautica in the Works of Georgian Symbolists Abstract   PDF
Ketevan Gardapkhadze
No 10.2 (2007) The Argonauts and Medea in Modern Georgian Fine Arts Abstract   PDF
Gia Bughadze
No 10.2 (2007) The Argonauts’ Voyage in the Transitional Period of Georgian Literature (the 18th-19th Centuries) Abstract   PDF
Tea Dularidze
No 10.2 (2007) The Audio-Aesthetic Effect of Reading the Text of the "Argonautica" Abstract   PDF
Svetlana Berikashvili
No 15-16 (2013) "The Behistun Inscription" and the "Res Gestae Divi Augusti" Abstract   PDF
Dimitrios Mantzilas
No 2-3 (2000) The Christian Platonism of Gregory of Nazianzus Abstract   PDF
Claudio Moreschini
No 2-3 (2000) The Classical Rhetoric in Old Georgian Translations (Based on David Tbeli's Translations of Gregory of Nazianzus' Works) Abstract   PDF
Maia Matchavariani
No 1 (1999) The Classical Tradition in G. Seferis’ "Mythistorema" Abstract   PDF
Sophie Shamanidi
No 10.1 (2007) The Colchian 'Heritage' of Helios against the Background of Linguistic Data Abstract   PDF
Lela Chotalishvili
No 13-14 (2011) The Colchians in the Adriatic – Poetic Imagination or a Historical Fact Abstract   PDF
Rismag Gordeziani
No 2-3 (2000) The Conception of Woman in Greek Tragedy in the Context of the Binary Oppositions of Sex Roles Abstract   PDF
Ketevan Nadareishvili
No 15-16 (2013) The Council as the Form of the Governing in the Ancient World and in Georgia Abstract   PDF
Tamar Tarkhnishvili
No 9 (2006) The Cult of Dionysus in the Light of Linguistic Data Abstract   PDF
Rismag Gordeziani
No 7 (2004) The Democratic Ideal and the Oresteia between “Back to Basics” and Cultural Studies, between Old and New Historicism Abstract   PDF
Freddy Decreus
No 10.1 (2007) The Enigmatic Logic of the Argonaut Myth Abstract   PDF
Nana Tonia
No 17 (2014) The Essence of Heredity and Ancient Heritage in Christian Culture Abstract   PDF
Dali Nadibaidze
No 10.2 (2007) The Ethnic Aspect of Perception of Medea and Helen Abstract   PDF
Sophie Shamanidi
No 15-16 (2013) The Foundations of Formation of the European Mentality – Homeric Principles of Enemy Estimation Abstract   PDF
Ketevan Nizharadze
No 5-6 (2003) The Function of the Mythological Female Images in "The Big Chimaera" – A Novel by M. Karaghatsis Abstract   PDF
Medea Metreveli
No 15-16 (2013) The Georgian "Life of Jacob from Nisibis" and Its Greek and Syriac Sources Abstract   PDF
Victoria Jugeli
No 13-14 (2011) The Georgian "Life of Julian-Saba" (cod. "Sin. Georg." 6) and its Greek and Syriac Sources ("Historia Philothea" by Theodoret of Cyrus) Abstract   PDF
Victoria Jugeli
No 2-3 (2000) The "Grammar" of Divine Intervention in Greek Tragedy Abstract   PDF
David Kovacs
No 2-3 (2000) The Greek-Etruscan Relations in the Sphere Of Mythology Abstract   PDF
Ekaterine Kobakhidze
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