Peculiarities of the Development of the Black Sea Coast of Kolkheti (Georgia) in Modern Conditions

Irakli L. Gelovani, George J. Lominadze, George I. Kavlashvili


The Kolkheti coastal zone of the Black Sea is a typical sample of joint marine and river accumulation area. At the same time, on the Black Sea coast of Georgia, the Kolkheti section is one of the most damaged in terms of technogenic impact. The cause of the crisis phenomena, developed in the Kolkheti Lowland coastal zone (Poti lithodynamic system) is only anthropogenic factor. Only the River Supsa - River Natanebi section still more or less keeps the natural dynamics and ability of independent existence. The rest of the areas that are undergoing washout or heavy accumulation, require constant monitoring and significant capital expenditure.


: coastal zone, sediments, lithodynamic system

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