Thermal Field in the Sedimentary Complex of the Eastern Black Sea Region and Gas Hydrates Content in the Guria Deflection

Evgeni A. Sakvarelidze, Guram A. Kutelia, Ludmila E. Glonti


The geological and geophysical conditions of gas hydrates formation in the Guria Trough in the Black Sea and results of studying of heat flow distribution and calculations of temperatures in the sedimentary complex of the Eastern Black Sea region are given in this work. The results are presented in the form of maps of heat flow and deep temperatures. The results of studies of gas hydrates conducted in cooperation with German scientists from the University of Bremen during the sea cruises. It is shown, that in the case of Guria Trough intensive gassing (Batumi seep) observed is associated with the content of gas hydrates in marine sediments in the region.


thermal field, sedimentary complex, Black Sea region, gas hydrates content

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