On the Growth of Vapour Bubble in Metastable Liquid as Variational Problem

Anzor I. Gvelesiani


Bubble growing process is considered theoretically when bubble consists saturated vapour of liquid and when we have vapour-gas bubble on the base of generalized Rayleigh-Plesset equation. For this purpose we use variational method with help of which we seek for those cases corresponding Euler-Poisson equations integral curves. Obtained EP- equations allow us to find extremals of our variational task. In conclusion, the Rayleigh-Taylor instability is considered general case of nonspherical perturbances for spherical bubbles and the case of the radial perturbances of bubbles.


Vapour-gas bubble, metastable liquid, variational task, Euler-Poisson equations, Rayleigh-Plesset equation, the Rayleigh-Taylor instability.

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